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Let us remember the past and make sense of our present and future..Join and be part of this journeying together and staying connected with one another in cyberspace thru WELCOME! -------

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2008 Photo of a visit to Milbuk

Milbuk Residents Picnic, 1970's


She stands grand against the vast blue,
Against varied hues of twilight spheroid flame.
To me she is Papa or Grandma I left behind for ages. . .
Or my childhood lover's misty visage. . .
Or the shadow of a long-skirted Muslim waif.

Dreams fly me to a communion with her,
Where for a moment I find me tread
That Cotabato coast.
Milbuk is one slice of my heart.
Vreneli Bello-Hipol
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Photo of North end side of Milbuk by Art Amaral, Early 1970's

Milbuk Elementary School

 Current Notre Dame of Milbuk Campus

  Milbuk National High School Campus


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"The Awakening of Milbuk" Final Edition (71 Pages)


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First part of the Storybook. Please right click on the download icon to Open Link in new window or in new tab.

On the Palms of My Hands
Art Amaral, Author

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Milbuk Legacy

April 4, 2008

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